Our comprehensive maintenance package is one major visit and three minor visit per year to ensure your trouble free, operation and to maximize the life of your Mechanical / Electrical assets. We have also 24 hour emergency response in case of equipment failure.


  • External \ Internal of residential and commercial buildings and towers, hotel, multi complex facility.
  • Utilities, construction, facilities management, air conditions, ventilations and air filtration system, electro mechanical equipment installation and maintenance.
  • Plumbing and sanitary \ Floor, wall tiling work.
  • Painting \ Carpentry \ Flooring \ Insulation job \ Wall paper fixing \ Partitions and false ceilings \ Welding services.
  • Gypsum work.


  • Power solutions for buildings / construction site.
  • Generator unit for Commercial, Residential.
  • Labour accommodation on site.
  • Mobile Station (Kitchen etc..)


Renewable Energy for A Sustainable World

As the cost per kilowatt-hour of renewable energy systems such as solar panels, wind farms based generation of electricity becomes competitive with the cost of conventional fuel based generation, this sector is playing the strongest role in limiting carbon emission and driving the evolution to sustainable economic development, the transition to climate friendly development has become the global phenomenon. In UAE Vision 2021 which sets the national target to increase clean energy to %24 of the total energy generation mix by 2021, from under less than %1 today.

Our Services

With the new strategic development of our Government, Earth center for Solar Photovoltaic Systems Our main goal is to provide our customers in the region with easy access to and economic use of solar technologies. Our core market area is UAE, while looking to develop business in the GCC region. We will be the one who is responsible for procuring all equipment and materials necessary for the project to be constructed entirely by us and verified that it’s functioning perfectly. Furthermore, our team will carry out the project budget management for you.


  • Electrical works for commercial & residential buildings
  • Cable laying & panel board works
  • Fire Alarm works.
  • Industrial & Substation works
  • Pole erection works


The primary purpose of a heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is to provide adequate ventilation with filtration and maintain proper Air flow, Heating and cooling to the interior. To attain the good quality of air, we have qualified professionals for Heat load calculation; design And Estimation, Work execution and Maintenance services which provide you a hassle-free HVAC design and installation and help you attain the ultimate comfort.


  • Installation and repairing of pipes, fittings, and fixtures that carry water and gas according to plumbing codes and specifications.
  • Piping systems: installation of sinks, tubs, roof leaks, drainage repairs, and other kitchen fixtures and bathroom fixture in home repair or renovation.


  • Infrastructure operations and management
  • Water Demand Management
  • Implementation strategies
  • Quality of supply and service investigations
  • Tariff analysis and Design
  • Asset Management


We are offering the latest technology to control systems including Air Conditioning system, Light Control, Background Music System, security system and AV Entertainment system to a whole new integrated and custom made solution to satisfy as per your requirement.

  • Smart Home System

  • Smart Bedroom Installations

  • Lighting Control System

  • Audio And Video Systems

  • Home Theater Solutions

  • Smart Door Solutions and

    CCTV & Security System